Anna and the king reaction paper

In these reports—often referred to as response or reaction papers—your instructor will most likely expect you to do two things:

Anna and the king reaction paper

His father was a royal army officer perpetually in debt, [12] and served for a time as a sub-delegate for the Gulf Coast Spanish province of Veracruz. However, his parents were wealthy enough to send him to school.

Career[ edit ] Military career during the War of Independence, —[ edit ] In Junethe year-old Santa Anna joined the Fijo de Veracruz infantry regiment [13] as a cadet against the wishes of his parents, who wanted him to pursue a career in commerce. The Mexican War of Independence was to last untiland Santa Anna, like most creole military men, fought for the crown against the mixed-raced insurgents for independence.

InSanta Anna was wounded in the left hand by an arrow [15] during the campaign under Col. He was promoted quickly; he became a second lieutenant in February and first lieutenant before the end of that year. In the aftermath of the rebellion, the young officer witnessed Arredondo's fierce counter-insurgency policy of mass executions.

During the next few years, in which the war for independence reached a stalemate, Santa Anna erected villages for displaced citizens near the city of Veracruz. He also pursued gambling, a habit that would follow him all through his life.


InSanta Anna was promoted to captain. He conducted occasional campaigns to suppress Native Americans or to restore order after a tumult had begun. The clergy in New Spain would have lost power under the Spanish liberal regime and new Mexican clerics saw independence as a way to maintain their position in an autonomous Mexico.

Santa Anna rose to prominence fighting for independence by quickly driving Spanish forces out of the vital port city of Veracruz and Iturbide rewarded him with the rank of general. Rebellion against the Mexican Empire of Iturbide, —[ edit ] Santa Anna in a Mexican military uniform Iturbide rewarded Santa Anna with command of the vital port of Veracruz, the gateway from the Gulf of Mexico to the rest of the nation and site of the customs house.

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However, Iturbide subsequently removed Santa Anna from the post, prompting Santa Anna to rise in rebellion in December against Iturbide. Santa Anna already had significant power in his home region of Veracruz, and "he was well along the path to becoming the regional caudillo.

Anna and the king reaction paper

He also promised to support free trade with Spain, an important principle for his home region of Veracruz. Then the commander of imperial forces in Veracruz, who had fought against the rebels, changed sides and joined the rebels.

Anna and the king reaction paper

The new coalition proclaimed the Plan of Casa Matawhich called for the end of the monarchy, restoration of the Constituent Congress, and creation of a republic and a federal system. Santa Anna pledged his military forces to the protection of these key areas.

Anna and the king of siam

A thousand Mexicans were already on ships to sail to Cuba when word came that the Spanish were reinforcing their colony, so the invasion was called off. Guadalupe Victoria came to the presidency with little factional conflict and he served out his entire four-year term. However, the election of was quite different, with considerable political conflict in which Santa Anna became involved.

Even before the election, there was unrest in Mexico, with some conservatives affiliated with the Scottish Rite Masons plotting rebellion.

In his home state of Veracruz, the governor had thrown his support to the rebels, and in the aftermath of the rebellion's failure, Santa Anna as vice-governor stepped into the governorship. Another important liberal, Lorenzo de Zavalaalso supported Guerrero.

Even before all the votes had been counted in SeptemberSanta Anna rebelled against the election results in support of Guerrero. Santa Anna issued a plan at Perote that called for the nullification of the election results, as well for a new law expelling Spanish nationals from Mexico, believed to be in league with Mexican conservatives.

Zavala brought the fighting into the capital, with his supporters seizing an armory, the Acordada. This cleared the way for Guerrero to become president of Mexico.ROME AND ROMANIA, 27 BC AD.

Emperors of the Roman and the so-called Byzantine Empires; Princes, Kings, and Tsars of Numidia, Judaea, Bulgaria, Serbia, Wallachia, & Moldavia;. Feb 05,  · Question description.

Read the following nonfiction selections”Salvation,” Langston Hughes “How I Became a Socialist,” Helen Keller”About Men,” Gretel Ehrlich “Waterloo” Andrew Lam”Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King, Jr. Select two of the nonfiction texts you have read this a to 1,word paper detailing your reaction .

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