Challenges in healthcare landscape

The Institutional Challenge to Improve Health and Well-Being in Healthcare's Changing Landscape presents the direct knowledge and vision of accomplished academic leaders whose unique positions as managers of some of the most complex academic and business enterprises make them expert contributors.

Challenges in healthcare landscape

Data for Whites and Blacks exclude Hispanics. State and local efforts are underway to address health disparities in California. The Office also has a Climate Change and Public Health Team which has issued two reports on how to reduce the impact of climate change with an emphasis on vulnerable communities.

Injust before the major coverage expansions of the ACA went into effect, 5. Pre-ACA public coverage through Medi-Cal was limited to only some groups of low-income adults, Challenges in healthcare landscape many without an affordable coverage option.

As in other states across the U. Characteristics of the Nonelderly Uninsured in California, Before the ACA, Medi-Cal helped fill gaps in the availability of private coverage but was limited to certain groups. However, sinceparents and other adults living in a county participating in the Low-Income Health Program LIHP were eligible for coverage under a waiver that provided more limited benefits than Medi-Cal discussed in more detail below.

Medi-Cal also covered individuals with disabilities and provided wrap-around coverage for many elderly in the state. Beginning in Januarythe state phased out this program and transitioned overchildren from HFP into Medi-Cal.

The state continues to receive enhanced CHIP matching funds for children in the income group previously covered through Healthy Families. Leading up to and throughout ACA implementation, the state invested heavily in outreach and enrollment efforts for both Medi-Cal and Covered California.

These efforts included statewide marketing campaigns, community mobilization, provider training, and targeted efforts to reach vulnerable populations who may be newly eligible for coverage. Covered California also established an Assisters Program and worked with community organizations to provide direct assistance to consumers to help them enroll in coverage.

In addition, the state received extensive federal and private funds, most of which were distributed to localities, for local outreach efforts. These local outreach efforts included support for Medi-Cal Certified Enrollment Counselors, outreach to hard-to-reach populations, and marketing to increase awareness and understanding of new coverage options.

In addition to other provisions, the waiver allowed for federal matching funds for the creation of a county-based coverage expansion program, known as the Low-Income Health Program LIHPwhich covered low-income adults who were not otherwise eligible for Medi-Cal.

The majority of counties participated in LIHP, and by the end ofoveradults were enrolled in the program. These individuals were either auto-enrolled in Medi-Cal or transferred to Covered California when ACA coverage expansions became available in January As a result, eligibility levels for parents and childless adults increased after full ACA implementation.

While the converted standards appear higher than levels, they are intended to approximate the existing eligibility levels using different methodology for determining income. Under federal law, undocumented immigrants remain ineligible to enroll in federally-funded full Medi-Cal coverage.

In addition, many lawfully present immigrants are subject to a five-year waiting period before they may enroll in Medi-Cal, and some groups of lawfully present immigrants remain ineligible regardless of their length of time in the country. However, the state has taken several actions to expand eligibility for immigrants.

For example, it has taken up the options available to states to eliminate the five-year waiting period for lawfully-residing immigrant children and pregnant women. This bill would provide fully state-funded Medi-Cal coverage for children age 19 and under, regardless of immigration status.

Under the ACA, all states are required to implement new simplified eligibility and enrollment processes.Healthcare landscape outlook - Southeast Asia Healthcare demand in Southeast Asia (SEA) is increasing rapidly, driven by population growth rates that are expected to outstrip those of other geographies, and an epidemiological shift from infectious diseases to a chronic disease pattern matching western markets.

The market for landscaping services is much improved, but this business is still rife with challenges. According to a survey of landscape contractors subscribed to Green Industry Pros magazine, three primary issues remain foremost in the minds of landscape contractors: Finding, . issues will grow alongside the use of mobile devices and greater consumer connectivity.

the healthcare industry landscape.

Challenges in healthcare landscape

New deals from traditional players will combine the care experience of providers, the analytics and risk management expertise of payers and the Five Key Trends Reshaping the Future of Healthcare.

In , the healthcare industry was the most attacked by cyber criminals according to a Cyber Security Intelligence Index by IBM.

A changing US healthcare landscape presents challenges

The data showed that over million healthcare records were compromised during that year, from more than 8, devices in more than countries. This development. ECG Associate Principle, Malita Scott and Senior Consultant, Rich Clough presented about Striving for Continuous Improvement in a Changing Healthcare Landscape.

Health systems today face many common challenges when they attempt to integrate and optimize the performance of their medical group.

The Future of the Health Care Workforce A Healthcare Human Resources Thought Leader Forum. F s the future health care workforce landscape changes due to a combination of a changing Preparing for health care workforce challenges related to education, potential shortages, and unions.

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