Coriolanus essay questions

Before you begin, however, please get some useful tips and hints about how to use PaperStarter. Social Class in Coriolanus Throughout the tragedy of Shakespeare's Coriolanus, social class and construction plays a large role in moving along the plot.

Coriolanus essay questions

Is Coriolanus an innocent victim of the scheming tribunes, Brutus and Sicinius, or is he responsible for his own downfall? Though Brutus and Sicinius are the chosen representatives of the people, they focus far more on their own interests than those of the people?

In private, they speak fearfully of the kind of power that Coriolanus may wield as consul, not because it may hurt the people, but because it threatens their own offices. Sicinius tells Brutus that for their own sake, they must encompass his "sure destruction?

Unlike the patricians, the tribunes mean-spiritedly ignore the good Coriolanus has done for Rome, and see only his faults?

They cold-bloodedly manipulate the people against Coriolanus, by suggesting to them that he Coriolanus essay questions them II.

Once they have passed sentence on Coriolanus without a trialthey refuse to allow his supporters to speak in his defense III. They bring about their ends in a cunning, underhand way that contrasts starkly with the guileless if extraordinarily rude and insulting openness of Coriolanus.

Nevertheless, by Shakespeare's standards, the tribunes are low-key villains because they do not have to try hard to entrap Coriolanus. His own undoubted failings make him an easy target.

Coriolanus essay questions

When he appears before the plebeians to ask them to restore their support for him to be consul, the tribunes plot to "Put him to choler [anger] straight? It takes only a few words from Sicinius, accusing him of being a "traitor to the people?

Tragedy of Coriolanus Thesis Statements and Important Quotes

Such a man is manifestly unsuited to Coriolanus essay questions office of consul in an emerging democracy, and it could be said that the tribunes have done Rome a favor in preventing his election to the office. Indeed, Coriolanus does not appear to want to be consul for his own sake; he is only fulfilling Volumnia's will, which is another confirmation that he should not be consul.

If the tribunes were only preventing Coriolanus from attaining this office, it would be possible to claim that their scheming brought about a happy result for Rome. But in an extreme and vindictive measure, they also banish Coriolanus from his native land.

In spite of his faults, Coriolanus does not deserve such treatment, and in this episode he is largely an innocent victim. The tribunes have wielded power without an awareness of the possible consequences.

They are set to become the victim of their own plotting when Coriolanus plans to attack Rome with Aufidius. This turn of events makes their political scheming redundant. They are only saved by the intervention of Volumnia, whose victory, ironically, means the downfall of her son for breaking his word to the Volscians.

Coriolanus's humiliating death in an enemy city is partly due to the tribunes? Thus, Coriolanus's downfall is partly due to the tribunes? The tribunes could not have succeeded in their plots if Coriolanus were a more moderate, more integrated man.

Analyze Coriolanus's relationship with his mother Volumnia.

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In a world where women were viewed as subservient to men and were expected to spend their time in such feminine pursuits as sewing and music, Volumnia has found an outlet for her fierce ambition and pride: She has brought Coriolanus up to be a great warrior, and is so hungry for his fame that she looks forward with eagerness to his acquiring new battle wounds.

She tells Virgilia that if he were ever to be killed in battle, she would take comfort in his heroic reputation.

Coriolanus essay questions

Coriolanus, for his part, is utterly dominated by Volumnia. He twice betrays his own sense of duty and integrity, and both times, it is under the influence of his mother.

On the first occasion, ambitious for her son to be consul, she persuades him to flatter the plebeians and pretend a humility he does not possess, in order to gain their votes.

Coriolanus knows that such pretence is against his nature, but he bends to her will. On the second occasion, after Coriolanus has allied himself to Aufidius, Volumnia persuades him not to attack Rome.

Coriolanus again does as she tells him, thereby betraying his alliance with the Volscians and his duty as a military commander.

Again, as he does Volumnia's will, he is aware of the fatal seriousness of his self-betrayal. In relation to his mother, this otherwise almost invincible warrior has remained immature, a child. When Aufidius attacks him as a "boy of tears? It is emblematic of Volumnia's dominance over her son that it is she, not Coriolanus, who is hailed as the savior of Rome after she persuades him not to attack the city.Psychological Analysis of Coriolanus’s Downfall Essay; Psychological Analysis of Coriolanus’s Downfall Essay.

Words 6 Pages. Show More. Shakespeare’s Coriolanus asks, what does it mean to be virtuous. Today, Virtue means to be of high moral standards, but this definition is not culturally transferable.

Coriolanus was a Roman. A Marxist Reading of Shakespeare's Coriolanus Essay examples Words | 9 Pages A Marxist Reading of Coriolanus One popular dissecting instrument of any Shakespearean character is the modern tool of psychoanalysis. Aside from the thesis statements for “The Tragedy of Coriolanus” by William Shakespeare above, these quotes alone with page numbers or line and scene numbers can act as essay questions or study questions as they are all .

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