Custom paperboard coasters

Next View All Coasters are always a practical promotional product that are functional and reusable. Big Star Branding has a huge selection of custom coasters that are affordable and accommodate bars up to high end beverage coasters that make wonderful executive gifts. Bar coasters and wine coasters make useful gifts for wine aficionados and anyone who enjoys a drink alike and will help keep your companies logo and message on their mind. Big Star Branding has coasters in any material you can think of like traditional single use custom paperboard perfect for night clubs or as a wedding day keepsakes.

Custom paperboard coasters

About buying custom drink coasters What you need to know when buying Drink coasters: We manufacture Custom Pulpboard drink coasters. These are often referred to as paper coasters, bar coasters or beer coasters. We manufacture them from a material known as Pulpboard also known as coaster board or beer mat.

A lightweight coaster is approximately 1 mm 40 points thick. A mediumweight coaster is approximately 1. And a heavyweight coaster is approximately 2. A note of caution - coaster board is designed specifically for the manufacturing of drink coasters.

It often happens that other paper products are sometimes substituted for coasterboard. These products are easy to spot as they tend to fall apart very quickly when any moisture is introduced or they are laminated and coated leaving them with no absorbency at all.

There are very few true coaster manufacturers so be careful when picking your supplier of custom drink coasters. There are many things to consider when deciding on the thickness of coaster board for your promotional drink coasters.

What will they be used for, where will they be used and how long do you need them to last must be considered. Basically the thicker your coasters, the more moisture they will absorb and the longer they will last. Of course the thicker coaster are a little more expensive and you must decide if the added cost makes sense.

custom paperboard coasters

The most common coaster thickness that is ordered is the lightweight coaster board. Shape of your custom drink coasters: Standard beer coaster shapes are square or circle coasters.

Custom Disposable Pulpboard Drink Business Coasters

Size of your custom drink coasters: The standard sizes in North America for beer coasters are 3. By far the most common size ordered from us are the 4 inch size. Custom drink coaster sizes and Shapes: We can manufactere almost any size or shape beer coaster for your truly custom promotion.

In order to do this we need to finalize your artwork and then create a custom die to cut them out after they have been printed.These custom imprinted square coasters are biodegradable.

Protect your table and show off your logo at the same time! • This square coaster is made from medium weight paperboard (35 pt). Custom Pulpboard Coasters by PrintGlobe are Disposable and Highly Affordable.

Our Custom Drink Coasters are made of Paperboard and Keep Your Business Brand in Plain Sight in Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs and at Private or Corporate Events. Custom coffee cup and beans logo drink coasters Don’t be the nagging host who follows guests around surreptitiously slipping coasters under their glasses.

custom paperboard coasters

Ease your burden and add a personalized touch to your next party with fully customizable coasters. Custom Coasters Custom coasters are great for so many occasions.

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For your business or establishment, personalized coasters with your logo will help to showcase your brand in . Custom Coaster Runs: It is best to email us for a quote when ordering large beer coaster runs, custom shaped coasters or custom color coasters.

Colors - Our coasters are manufactured using the most modern offset printing technology allowing for the best reproduction of images.

Custom drink coasters also make fantastic personal gifts for friends and family. You can create coaster gifts with your favorite saying, full-color photographs, and more!

Make personalized bar coasters and design custom cocktail napkins for a customized barware set.

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