Drydenis all for love as a heroic play essay

A poetic accomplishment of quite another order is that of John Dryden. He was 29 years old when Charles II returned from exile, and little writing by him survives from before that date. However, for the remaining 40 years of his life, he was… Youth and education The son of a country gentleman, Dryden grew up in the country. When he was 11 years old the Civil War broke out.

Drydenis all for love as a heroic play essay

It was in drama, however, that he honed the fine poetic skills of his later poems.

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Between andhe wrote a series of comedies and tragedies that provided him with the opportunity to develop the authority and control that distinguish his major poetry. He did, however, create a series of memorable tragedies, including Aureng-Zebe and Tyrannic Love: Or, The Royal Martyrwhich set the norm for heroic drama in the period.

The Restoration was an exciting period in the history of the drama, with the introduction of women playing female roles. The heroic drama, the dominant serious form, is an exaggerated and stylized presentation of themes of epic proportions.

Large heroes and heroines confront dastardly villains with a great deal of bombastic rhetoric, usually in heroic couplets.

Through his tragedies, Dryden had been building toward a greater control of the excesses of the genre and, in All for Love, he abandons the couplet for blank verse and manages his highly romantic subject matter with distance and restraint.

As a devotee of a more rational kind of theater based on a strict interpretation of Aristotle, Dryden is much more concerned about the unities of time, place, and action. The whole drama unfolds in Alexandria and is narrowly limited to the period after the defeat of Antony at the battle of Actium.

The play does not have a climax in the usual sense of the term. The climax of a drama is ordinarily a focal point toward which the conflicts and complications build.

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It is true that in some Shakespearean plays the climax is early, as in The entire section is words. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page All for Love study guide and get instant access to the following:The Rehearsal did not kill the heroic play, however; Equally fine in a different mode was his tragedy All for Love (), John Dryden, in his essay “Of Dramatick Poesie” () and other essays, condemned the improbabilities of Shakespeare’s late romances.

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Drydenis all for love as a heroic play essay

John Dryden was a prolific playwright, creating heroic plays, political plays, operas, heroic tragedies, comedies, and tragicomedies; however, he is best remembered for his poetry and criticism. All for Love or, the World Well Lost, is a heroic drama by John Dryden written in Today, it is Dryden's best-known and most performed play.

Today, it is Dryden's best-known and most performed play. All for Love, or the World Well Lost John Dryden’s All for Love, or the World Well Lost () is one of the very few tragedies from the Restoration period that continue to be staged in the 21st century.

Literature Network» John Dryden» All For Love» Introductory Note Introductory Note The age of Elizabeth, memorable for so many reasons in the history of England, was especially brilliant in literature, and, within literature, in the drama.

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