Essays on future housing market

Description[ edit ] Monetarism is an economic theory that focuses on the macroeconomic effects of the supply of money and central banking.

Essays on future housing market

However, should the proposition pass, the net effect is likely to be less new rental housing, as investors are likely to flee the market, as they routinely have before. Further, it would likely make it far more difficult for the young and those with lower incomes, who are disproportionately represented by African-Americans and Hispanics, to find housing that they can afford.

Those stuck renting are likely to conclude that the current system is at fault and any change which disfavours landlords will be an improvement.

Essays on future housing market will never appeal to those without any capital. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, who supports rent control rushed in to say that he would support a local rent control ordinance that would exempt new construction, presumably believing that such an exemption would encourage substantial development of new apartments.

The new construction would likely be limited to even higher cost apartments than is already the case. This would likely accelerate gentrification as lower-income households are forced by higher rents to change residences and move away from their present locations that are often near transit service.

This is already evident in Los Angeles, where both new rail construction and ridership losses continue See: Indeed, since that time, house prices have skyrocketed to a far greater degree than rents.

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This is illustrated by comparing housing affordability measures for both owned housing and rental housing See: Note on Housing Affordability.

Byincome adjusted rents had risen to 22 percent above the national median, a 90 percent increase from Obviously, this has created a serious financial burden for renters. Renters outside California tend to achieve higher standards of living on the same income.

Essays on future housing market

At the same time owned housing affordability has deteriorated even more. Byhouse prices had risen to percent above the national Median, an increase of more than percent.

Poverty is Worse than Sprawl: California's Housing Affordability Crisis |

The increase in house values relative to incomes was more than five times that of rentals Figure. Many middle-income households can never hope to own their own home in California. This forces them to live at a lower standard of living than their peers with similar incomes around the nation.

The higher cost increases in owned housing are to be expected, given the draconian regulations that have made single-family housing so much more expensive. Dartmouth economist William Fischel see: The problem is land prices. Generally, as economists Edward Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko have shown, land costs have represented about 20 percent of the total price of a new house.

This was so in California before the severe regulation. Land values and thus house values tend to rise as you move from the urban periphery to the center or centers.

In other words, it is land prices on the urban fringe that, in large measure, control house prices throughout a metropolitan area which as a labor market is also a housing market. This requires allowing the competitive market for land to operate on the urban fringe. California suburbs have always been among the densest least sprawling.The new book Infinite Suburbia is the culmination of the MIT Norman B.

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‘Cost performance’ marketing strategy That there is an affordability crisis in California does not seem to be up for debate.
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Housing Market Essay.

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Words Oct 24th, 3 Pages. This report will also evaluate the recent and future trends in Epping housing market. The outcome of this report will be submitted to the local government in order to provide recommendations in ways to improve the Epping area housing market.

Essays on future housing market

Get these free sample essays from Essay Writer – for UK students and academics – free sample essays covering a wide range of subject areas and topics. On a recent tour of Japanese prefabricated housing factories, I was awestruck by the sophistication of Japan’s construction industry: entire factories populated by robots, houses trundling along.

Tapping the Ethnic Housing Market Opportunities and Challenges for Housing Lenders and Realtors The tables in the text make it clear that there is a large gap between the minority population and the general population in regard to knowledge and education about the housing market.

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