How can we know if at all that our behavior is ethical essay

What is ethical behavior? Is it based in religion or is it based only in the secular world?

How can we know if at all that our behavior is ethical essay

Hire Writer The employer and the manager can also be liable for harassment of an employee by co-workers and even of non-employees, if the employer knew or should have known about the harassment and failed to take immediate and appropriate action.

The employer must treat all complaints seriously, investigate them thoroughly, and document its efforts completely. It has been said that it makes good business sense for managers to be ethical. Without being ethical, companies cannot be competitive at either the national or international levels.

Once again, the associated just walked away. The manager never responded to the first report of the harassment that came from the employee that over heard the first conversation. So that employees took the situation to human resources.

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Human resources did not call the offended employees until three weeks later after the incident. The manager has yet to come forth and investigate the situation.

Finally the associate was contacted and called in for a proper report to file a harassment claim. Now the manager was faced with legal action and also the lost of his job.

The situation seemed to escalating but the manager would have not known that because he did not investigate the issue. By the manager reacting like he did to the initial report showed his lack of morality and ethical background.

How can we know if at all that our behavior is ethical essay

The associate was also talked to about the way she was treated and the human resources explained to her that the company has an open door policy and harassment of any sort is prohibited. The manager later apologizes for the mistake he made in not upholding his social and ethical responsibilities.

The ssociate could have filed a law suit against the company and the manager. The employee that actually reported the first incident was a victim also because he was offended by the conduct of the employee. There could have been several legal issues that would have arisen from this situation.

The fact that the manager did not investigate, the associate did nor report the incident herself and the actual misconduct from the employee performing the harassing. The legalities that should have occurred were to let the employee, that performed misconduct, should have been let go from the company.

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The manager should have been written up for not following company policy and given days off without pay, and a further investigation should have been done by human resources. A lawyer has to be informed just in case employees decide to file a lawsuit. This issue could cost the company a lot of money.

With every social issue you will find a moral issue. Managers are placed in difficult situations all the time.

How can we know if at all that our behavior is ethical essay

Having good ethics and moral will help define a good manager when it comes to employees. Making sure that managers have are self aware will help them be aware of there surroundings.

Most social and moral issue can be avoided if managers are aware how ethics and social responsibilities intertwine. Some organizations delegate ethics management responsibilities widely, finding that a strong statement of values and a strong ethical culture can bind the ethics management effort together.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:We might say that while consistency is surely not sufficient for ethics, it is at least necessary for ethics. Ethics requires that there be consistency among our moral standards and in how we apply these standards.

Ethics also requires a consistency between our ethical standards and our actions, as well as among our inner desires.

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By Linda Fisher Thornton “Ethics” Means Acting Beyond Self-Interest. Ethics is fundamentally about acting beyond our own self-interests. Can we be ethical without considering others and acting in ways that benefit them?

Religion can set high ethical standards and can provide intense motivations for ethical behavior. Ethics, however, cannot be confined to religion nor is it the same as religion. Being ethical is also not the same as following the law. "So if we can keep the chatter up and keep ethics on the minds of our employees, they are more likely to recognize and identify a business problem as having ethical ramifications than they.

The common countertransference reaction that we bring to the therapeutic relationship when we know or suspect that incest is involved is the response to the taboo against incest and to the destruction of our personal and cultural parental images.

We can find human ethics in the judicial law system, religion, and in our everyday society throughout the entire world population.

Individuals in a civilized group follow judicial laws. These laws outline what we can and cannot do.

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