Substation commissioning manual

The Ergon Energy project delivery model comprises four distinct phases being: The concept design can consist of a number of options and has the following deliverables: Design Discipline Deliverable The following design drawings may be produced or updated for a concept design.

Substation commissioning manual

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The relevant sections of this publication shall also apply when a new item of equipment is commissioned in an existing system substation or an existing piece of equipment re-commissioned following an overhaul. This publication does not cover the actual testing methods.

However some minimum acceptable values for Insulation Resistance and Continuity tests are provided. All items of equipment shall be individually tested to the relevant Australian Standard at the time of purchase.

The test results shall be recorded. Absolute minimum standards for Insulation Resistance and Continuity tests are stated in Table 1 of Section 4 and Table 3 of Section 5, respectively. The resistance of the contacts for each pole shall be tested. Continuity of all transformer windings and tap changers shall be tested.

Substation commissioning manual

For ac equipment, the insulation shall be tested between phases, and each phase to earth. For Vdc the insulation shall be tested between the V circuit and earth.

Any screens must be earthed. The cables are insulation tested before and after this test. The oil level shall also be checked. Local and remote controls shall be tested. All auxiliary supplies shall be tested to ensure that they are in phase. Where appropriate, this may be tested by suitable simulation techniques such as secondary injection.

Appropriate tests for equipment not listed shall be determined by analysis and submitted to RailCorp for approval on an individual basis.

Insulation Resistance is a function of temperature.© Doble Engineering Company. All Rights Reserved Substation Equipment Testing FECA Engineer’s Conference Clearwater, Florida June 12, commissioning and maintenance of electrical wind offshore substations.

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Commissioning manual, Line differential protection RED version ANSI (English - pdf - Manual) Technical manual, Line differential protection RED version ANSI (English - pdf - Manual) Digital substations - Upgrading reliable sensor technology with a modern IEC process bus. The installation and commissioning manual contains the following chapters: • The chapter “Safety information” presents warning and note signs, which the . results during the commissioning of a new system substation. The relevant sections of this publication shall also apply when a new item of equipment is commissioned in an.

3. Substation Design Manual The division of responsibility between SDTaP Substation Design and Distribution Operations design is as follows: Substation Design will design all feeder cable exit trenches and conduits as far as the substation fence, and must .

Correct installation and commissioning are key to the reliable operation of any system, whether you are planning a new installation or upgrading and refurbishing an existing one. This manual is intended to act as a handbook for commissioning works at substation site.

The manual deals show more content There should be one riser for each leg of the supporting structure, in case of a three-phase breaker, and two risers for each structure, in case of a one-phase breaker.

Substation commissioning manual