Write a cheque to petty cash

I am also keenly aware of the responsibilities attached to the office and for the Constitutional obligations that come with it In this report I present the results of our work for the past year. It has seen us conduct the financial audit of the Public Accounts, compliance audits of Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as schools and vocational institutions. I also report on the audits of Public Enterprises and Commissions.

Write a cheque to petty cash

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Three column cash book. Definition, explanation, example, format and objectives of preparing a treble/three column cash book. Write “Petty Cash” on the “Pay to the Order Of” line of the check.

Add the amount of the check in the dollar box. Many businesses maintain $ in a petty cash fund. May 22,  · If the drawer writes "please pay cash" and signs again across the middle of the cheque, the bank may treat it as they would an un-crossed cheque (when they still existed).

write a cheque to petty cash

This is what my company has to do to withdraw petty cash, but in that case .

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