Writing a detective novella publishers

As a consequence the whole book is shrouded in a haze of doom. Is this due to Hiroshima itself, a place burdened with a terrible past?

Writing a detective novella publishers

And as we all know, at the end of the day publishing is a business. But with the advent of self-publishing and the digital age, the publishing world is changing.

Writers can now bypass traditional publishing houses and publish novellas themselves inexpensively in the form of e-books.

writing a detective novella publishers

But alas, as much as it pains me to admit, I know I will only be able to write so many novels in my lifetime. One option would be to turn some of those ideas into short stories.

Novellas, on the other hand, allow you to go more in-depth with plot and characters without committing to a full-length novel.

writing a detective novella publishers

This is great if you need to get an idea out of your system, or need take a break from a series and write something different between installments.

You could also write a novella between drafts of a novel. Instead of throwing it away, turn it into a novella. Not only do novellas take less time to write and allow you to get some plot bunnies out of your head, but they also give your readers something to snack on while waiting for your next novel.

Sounds like a win to me! Expand on Your Novel One great use for novellas is to expand on your novel or series.

Or, maybe you want to write a story set in the fantasy world you created but follow a different set of characters than your novel. There are a lot of fun options you could explore! Plus, your readers will love it. Fans of your novel or series will enjoy being able to delve deeper into their favorite characters or explore other parts of your fantasy world.

Build a Readership Novellas can be a great way to build your readership. You could self-publish a novella or several before publishing your novel. Putting your work out there will help you find readers who will love your stuff—and you!

Besides building interest in your work in general, you can also use novellas to build interest around a specific novel. Additionally, after your novel is published you could continue to use that novella as a way to gain new readers by offering it for free.

More and more now, authors are choosing to self-publish novellas or even novels after being traditionally published. Not to mention, after your book is published it must earn back its advance before you start receiving royalties.

Talk about a sporadic paycheck.

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Self-publishing means you have control over when and how often you decide to publish. Novellas offer an additional income stream while growing your audience, which means more buyers for your future books.

Most people would rather invest a couple hours into watching a movie than days or weeks reading a book. Also, since it seems every book is now part of a series, this means an even bigger investment of time. A reader might be reluctant to make that kind of commitment.

And no one likes to be left hanging on a story.

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